Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. Can't find your answer here? Let's chat! Email us at [email protected] or call 01298 81500.
Do you sell bottles without caps?
We don't unfortunately, bottles and caps are sold as a complete unit. This is also the case for our e-liquid bottles whereby the bottle, tip & caps are sold as a complete unit.
I just want to test a few bottles can I just order one of each?
Yes of course! We don't have a minimum order quantity, so you are welcome to order 1 of each bottle if that is all you require
Do you have any Aluminium containers?
Yes, we stock a range of aluminium bottles, and silver aluminium screw top jars
Is this HDPE narrow-neck bottle leak-proof?
This bottle range is designed not to leak, but obviously relies on user handling to maintain this. We do always recommend you test your product in the containers first, so we can send you a sample to try.
What bottle can withstand pressure and gas release?
We have a jerrycan which you can select a vented cap to allow for movement/expansion and avoid distortion.
What is PCR?
PCR means Post Consumer Recycled. PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) products offer a sustainable way of packaging. This is because the products are made from plastic that we already have, which is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly. PCR plastic is just as durable and practical as standard HDPE. All our PCR products are made from 30% recycled plastic and can be recycled again, after every use! Our range is available in a variety of sizes and colours.
I am not sure what bottles I need; do you send out samples?
Yes, we can arrange a sample of our bottles for you. Please call the team on 01298 815 000 between 9am-5pm to arrange, or email us on [email protected] with details of the item/s, and your business postal address.
How long will it be before I get my containers if I place my order today?
We work to a lead time of 3-5 working days from the order being placed.